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Reflect Lab: Stimulus Material and Research guide (Intellectual Output 3)

Find a first edition of our Output 3. Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary version. Write us, if you have questions.

Webinars (Intellectual Output 2)

Webinar on using portfolios for Reflect Labs
Webinar on working in small groups when implementing a Reflect Lab

Here you find links to our webinars if you are interested in having a deeper look at working with portfolios and small groups.



Manual For Lectures for the Implementation of Reflect Labs (Intellectual Output 2)

This manual is the first part of output two. It contains advices and answers FAQs for implementing inquiry-based and problem-based learning in the form of Reflect Labs. It is a draft and willl be revised after our blended-learning course. At the same time we are sure that this draft, based on our experiences with the mentioned methods, is already useful and intersting to read for lecturers. 

Need Analysis: Analysis on the needs for Implementation of Inquiry-based learning projects (Intellectual Output 1).

Our first output - Analysis on the needs for Implementation of Inquiry-based learning projects. - is based on 100 questionnaires and 10 interviews with lecturers from Universities of Spain, Romania, UK, Poland and Germany. The purpose of this research was to investigate the current state of inquiry-based and problem-based learning at universities. These concepts are the basics for Reflect Labs.

Find below the full english version including an introduction, a summary, claims and five detailed country reports. In addition, find the introduction, the summary and the claims in Polish, Spanish, Romanian and German, as well.


Full version (including summary) - English

Summary - Polish

Summary - Romanian

Summary - Spanish

Summary - German